The eternal problem of drivers in maintaining the cleanliness of their car is resolved. Science is not in one place, and today a proven way has been found that, in the true sense of the word, we can protect our car from dirt. A detailed description of this invention is given by Top Gear and The Grand Tour Jeremy Clarkson.

    If you care about the look of your car, I would advise you to pay attention to the experience of the Japanese. In spite of the specific climate and not very clean road lanes, these cunning Asians have learned how to keep their cars clean. Their cars just shine and shine all year round! Do you think they have a special washing or magical varnish? The best wax for black cars. You almost knew. All the work is in the liquid glass.

    Liquid glass called SILANE GUARD is a revolutionary product of the famous Japanese brand Willson. So far, the company has offered its customers various detergents, shampoos and car wash accessories, but now they have made a huge leap forward. Their defender is a complete fiction. In fact, it is the same varnish, but with a completely different quality: silicon dioxide and the high-quality polymer in its composition can really give the car a unique shine and also protect it from any external weathering.

    One application is enough to provide a magnificent appearance of the car for a long time, up to one year. And these are not just words - it's Japanese quality. Just think - just before the sales in the US and Russia, the manufacturer was forced to release four additional lines to get the liquid glass for everyone. And why did such a noise rise? Everything is simple - this product really works.

    When in contact with the body surface, SILANE GUARD forms a thick molecular layer that can remove darkness and small scratches, give the car a glamorous gloss and protect it from external environmental influences. In plain language, you just have to smear the car and enjoy life. Neither rain nor dirt will leave a single spot on your vehicle's bodywork. And most importantly: liquid glass is suitable for any kind of paint. And everyone can even smear it, forgive one man with one hand.

    So, friends, if you want your car to shine, throw away the garbage varnish. Liquid glass is my advice to all motorists. It is true that there is a small disadvantage - your car will attract great attention with its incredible shine.

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